Mt. Carmel House Ministry

Description:  In March 2003, the Solid Rock Circle began to feed women at the Mt. Carmel House, a residence for displaced/recovering women. Each fourth Saturday of the month, the twenty or more housed women under a two-year program are provided with a complete full course home-cooked meal. After the residents are fed, an invitation to other persons desiring a meal is extended. Often persons line the streets, as many as forty to sixty persons looking to be fed.

Members of the ministry use their own personal funds to buy the food, believing that the Spirit of the Lord is moving within them and therefore, they share what God has blessed them with. They share not only food, but their talents, and most of all, their love of God and His people. They provide an outlet for concerns to be voiced by the residents of Mt. Carmel House and have come to trust ministry members enough to readily receive hugs. In return for the food and fellowship, the residents participate by assisting in the cleaning of the kitchen

Leader: Vacant