Anniversary Committee
Description: Meetings: Leadership Chairperson: ... more
Audio / Video Ministry
Description: Our mission is to do our best to make sure the ministry is producing a sound to ... more
Description: Meetings: Leadership Chair: Trustee ... more
Description: The Audit Committee shall audit all financial records, reports and accounts of the ... more
Board of Deacons Ministry
Description: Provides oversight of the spiritual welfare of the church body. This includes ... more
Board Of Trustees
Description: Taking care of the secular business of running the church. We manage finances ... more
Description: Meetings: Leadership Chair: Mrs. ... more
Child Protection
Description: Meetings: Leadership Chair: Trustee ... more
Computer Instruction Ministry
Description: Meetings: Leadership Chair: Deacon ... more
Computer/Web Ministry
Description: This ministry maintains the updates and functionality of the church website as ... more
Counting Ministry
Description: Responsibilites include the handling of monetary donations given to the church by ... more
Deaconess Ministry
Description: The Deaconess Minstry assists the Pasor and Deacons in the spiritual development ... more
Family Life
Description: Meetings: Leadership Co-Chair: ... more
Description: Meetings: Leadership ... more
Culinary Ministry
Description: Meetings: Leadership Chair:: Ms. ... more
Men's Day Committee
Description: Meetings: Leadership Chair: Rev. ... more
Ministry on Higher Education
Mission Statement The Higher Education Committee shall assist each High School graduate who ... more
Pastor's Aid Ministry
Description: The Pastor's Aid Ministry provides support and assistance to the pastor as ... more
Senior Citizen
Description: The purpose of the organization was for fellowship and friendship among seniors. ... more
Description: Provide transportation for church family, upkeep of church vehicles assign drivers ... more
Trustee Board Ministry
Description: The Trustees shall be responsible for the administration and the termoral affairs ... more
Visitors Call & Follow-Up
Description: In support of the church the Pastor's Aid Ministry also conducts ... more