Evangelism Street

Description: This ministry was initiated by the Laymen’s League after receiving training from Rev. Childs at Berean Baptist Church. Their mission is to provide evangelistic outreach to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to unsaved and/or unchurched souls, mainly in the Shaw community. Expansion will include reaching and strengthening men of the families within our church.

On July 10, 2004 the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., held its “Day of Deliverance,” a one-hour evangelism initiative for the entire eastern region of the United States. After several training session, many members of the church family joined the Laymen as they put Street Evangelism into action. Pastor Raymond Bell, Rev. Lucy Horne and Deacon Prince Jones provided training to church members desirous of supporting the effort. Using resources such as the Four Spiritual Laws, bookmarks, door-to-door flyers and Youth Weekend (July 24) flyers, members armed themselves to spread the Word. The day kicked off with the participants gathering for prayer. Rev. Bell, the police, the band and teams of church members walked or rode to Gibson Plaza at 7th & O streets, NW where there was preaching, singing and materials distribution. Some teams ventured out to neighboring homes where they left pamphlets detailing the Good News about Jesus. Overall, the response was good – souls were ministered to and saved, others revived in the Lord. Records collected were turned over for follow up in determining the needs of persons touched that day. To God Be the Glory for the good things He has done! First Rising Mt. Zion responded with the joy of Jesus Christ. On one accord, headed toward the purpose of the church for the Great Commission that Jesus commanded of His disciples, the ministry will involve the entire church family in evangelistic outreach for the 2005 Day of Deliverance.


Chair: Rev. Claudius Jones