Monthly Faith Luncheon

Description: February 7, 2005 marked the first anniversary of the Monthly Faith Luncheon. This ministry continues to bring hope and faith to those we serve in nursing homes, healthcare centers and the AIDs ministry. The mission and purpose is to present an atmosphere of family time while sharing a message of hope. Last year, the ministry served lunch and provided love gifts to an average of 58 people per month. Each guest was made to feel special and everyone has been excited with the way our special guests have participated in the worship services.

The Faith Luncheon Worship program has been carried to the Heartland Health Care Center of Adelphi, Maryland, Carroll Manor Nursing Home, Northwest Downtown Cluster Seniors and the Center for Enrichment. Numerous missionaries have participated in serving and socializing with our guests. It has been a hallelujah fellowship time! It has increased our faith in servant hood and contributed to the spiritual growth of our volunteers.

As we prepare to serve in Nursing Homes as volunteers, three members have attended Volunteer Training at Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home. Classes were given in Fire Safety and Disaster Planning, Resident Abuse, blood born pathogens and “mission confidential.” Participants received a handbook of volunteer opportunities at Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home. The training and information provided is excellent reference material for all individuals desirous of volunteering in the health care field.

Many thanks to our Pastor and all of the faithful and dedicated members of the Monthly Faith Luncheon Missionary Ministry and the First Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church. We are looking forward to another year of humble service. Anyone looking for another branch of serving Christ are encouraged to join us. “For we do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men."

Mrs. Jean Whitley