Ministry on Higher Education

Mission Statement
The Higher Education Committee shall assist each High School graduate who needs help to obtain the necessary resources to enter college and provide opportunities for students to develop skills to increase their academic achievement.
Director: Deacon Derrick Ford
Committee Members:
                Bianca Penny
                Christopher Ford
                Breana Carraway
                Allyson Jones
                Corbin Ford
                Karen Broadnax
                Tamara McRae
          College Preparation Program
                  Elementary School
                  Middle School
                  High School
                  Undergraduate College
                  Post Graduate College
         Student Tutoring
                  Elementary School
                  Middle School
                  High School
                  Vocational Training
College Preparedness - To Do List Websites
         National College Resources Foundation
College Scholarship Library
         Ernest R. & Etta C. Gibson Scholarship Fund
         Glady’s Epps Scholarship Fund 
         Scholarships Online
         HBU Connection
         Mt. Bethel Baptist Educational Congress Scholarship